Coming later today…Summer/August PD signup registration #NJSD

Screenshot_Summer:August PD registrationOur summer/August PD registration is all set and ready to be shared through District email with our staff very soon. You will be able to select a combination of summer and August time slots as long as the requirements described on the front page are met.

You will also be able to come back and edit your choices if you change your mind. This form will be open until July and itineraries reflecting your choices and room locations will be emailed to you shortly after the closing of the form.

Our pupil services/curricular sessions include various sessions of AVMR training, Common Assessment Data Collection/Analysis and Instructional Planning, Calkins Units of Study, DLM modules, Career Cruising, SUSA, and more.

Staff will also choose various options for technology training. Our EdCamp is offered on almost every day for both elementary and secondary certified staff. In addition to this option, a SMART representative will be coming in to train interested elementary teachers on our SMART Amp environment. Staff who have completed both Schoology 1 and Schoology 2 courses can choose to take an advanced Applied Schoology session. Video in the Classroom is another technology offering for our staff that have completed both Tools of the Trade 1 and Tools of the Trade 2.

All staff will also choose a half our time slot for medical training.

Thanks, staff, for taking the time to register!


Here come #NJSD custom PLD itineraries…with a side of @leolaporte The Tech Guy

Fellow NJSD staff members, your custom PLD itineraries for our Friday, May 27th, PLD. You should be getting them within the next few hours. If all goes well. May our registration Google Form hold true and the scripts run strong!!

Thanks, everyone, for taking the time to fill out the registration. I consider this knot untied!

May 27th PLD Itineraries

Designing for Success with @BrightBytes

TreeWhat is design thinking?

Design thinking is a way of thinking as a solution finding process, it’s about solving problems for others.

  • Needs Assessment: What do we need. What are we providing?
  • Design and Development: How do we do our work? What role does tech play?
  • Feedback and Adjustment: How do we measure efficacy? How quickly do we iterate?
  • Delivery: What delivery channels do we use? How do we spread the word?

Planning for Action: Private source document framework.

@BrightBytes: General Beginnings

Question MarkWondering about breaking our District down into 3 levels:

  • Elementary
  • Secondary
  • High School

What are our goals and concrete tools to use in the 4 C’s and what tools for each of these grade levels?

  • Communication
  • Collaboration
  • Critical Thinking
  • Creativity

So, something like:

Elementary Communication
Tools: Schoology Groups, Schoology Status Updates/Comments,  …

Elementary Collaboration
Tools: GAFE Tools, SMART Amp, …

Elementary Critical Thinking
Tools: ??

And on and on…

This is a broad general idea for a place to begin. Identify the 4 C’s and provide concrete tools for general grade levels to gain access to incorporating communication, collaboration, critical thinking, and creativity. Then we can break this down building by building for custom director to principal reports.