The Educator’s Guide to Student Data Privacy via @ConnectSafely @Lary Magid


Below is a link to a great article outlining the basics of student data privacy. Student data privacy is a growing area of consideration for me not only because of my new role in public education but also because of the pervasiveness of online services and projects we are asking our students to create in often 1:1 learning environments.

My largest takeaway from this article is that a process is needed to continue vetting our terms of service with a close eye on the items mentioned in this article. We also need to begin exposing our staff to these concepts. Luckily, we have a nice tech PD structure to be able to get this word out when we choose.

I am really happy that we have a district-wide LMS. Our Enterprise Schoology environment has been verified by TRUSTe’s Privacy Seal, maintains full SSL encryption, and they have a solid privacy policy. In addition to these qualities, Schoology is able to host a lot of basic integrations for us, eliminating the need for a variety of outside web services. Videos, audio, discussions and a lot more can be created right in this environment. Glad we have it!

On the other hand, Schoology does not do everything. Considering this article’s content is the first step in larger growth for our district and the privacy of our students’ data. This article brings clarity to the fundamentals of this issue, but also provides some great resources educators and questions to consider when reviewing services.

The Educator’s Guide to Student Data Privacy