And, Our Work Begins…

Aligning Vision, Mission, Goals & Initiatives

What is our District direction? Aligning our curricular and instructional technology goals. How does our District technology help support curricular growth? How does curriculum help support or instructional technology growth?

How fun for this to become a two-way street!

2 thoughts on “And, Our Work Begins…

  1. Di Doersch

    What are the district strategic directions? What kind of measures are in place to know that you’re meeting directional goals?

  2. Rocco Marchionda Post author

    Great questions! Our morning was spent mostly finding spaces in the data that indicated the needs and wants of our staff. We found that our district, due to experience, has distinct differences in our tech needs in the three different areas – high school, middle school, and elementary. Our district wants are pretty universal.

    So what do we do with this information? That is where we are right now. The District level PD format we have going allows us a vehicle to distribute training. We have used data to create foundational leveled, self-paced courses for our beginning and new staff members on core technology services: GAFE, Schoology, MacBook Airs, iPads, and so on.

    Also, on our PLD days, our Mentors have had one year of leading break out session to the staff of our entire district. This year they came up with session topics they were experienced and comfortable with. We will be using this BrightBytes data this summer to create a menu of learning opportunities for our Mentors that meet our district needs in the 4 C’s. Building needs will also be taken into account for special sessions. Lastly, our staff will have advanced offerings to chose from with proof of achievement (badges) in our foundational leveled courses. These advanced offerings will also be in line with what our data shows us. So, thats the delivery.

    How to know we are meeting these goals? Climbing up the SAMR scale? Filling up the BrightBytes graphs? Well, the first step is to commit to a common assessment, like BrightBytes. Publishing these results to our principals and getting them involved in the growth process is also going to be not only a key in all staff growth, but also in the assessment process. As they become more versed in the language and concepts of tech integration, I’m sure they will be able to provide detailed assessments of what is working and what is not.

    At the end of the day, this is all such a great and fun challenge with tons of variables for to account for and learn from.

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